Comedy Workshops

Want to work with me? Got questions about comedy writing or characters? My workshops are for you.

Years ago I didn't even know comedy could be a career option. I was a shy and anxious individual, but here I am now writing and performing in my own character comedy shows.  I wouldn't have got here if it wasn't for a certain comedy writing workshop. Years ago I took part in a Saturday afternoon comedy workshop with Funny Women and it changed my life. I was put on stage to do my first stand up that same Saturday night and it all went on from there.

I've also taken a couple of other comedy workshops through the years and found them to be inspiring and much fun!

If you're reading this you may be wondering how you can get into comedy, how to write jokes, make characters or perform. You may be shy and scared like I was years ago. This is why the workshops were put together. For you.

Alternatively, you may have a funny friend you know who would be perfect for a comedy workshop and would get a lot out of it. If so, buy them a place or just direct them to the Comedy Workshops website. Or, maybe you and a friend do a workshop and become comedy writer buddies.

Whatever the reason you're here, if you are interested in a comedy workshop and learning from me make sure you subscribe to the newsletters on the workshop website so you don't miss out on news about new workshops taking place in pop venues in Brighton. Hastings, Cumbria and more.

What are you waiting for?

Go to the Comedy Workshop website and book on a workshop.